New Bot Details Page features

7 New Performance Indicators

Plus, collapsible Sessions

New - Collapsible Sessions

No more endless scrolling. See all the important trade information at a glance.

New Performance & Session Summary Indicators

New & Improved Trading Insights

The New Performance Summary Section

will show:

Profit Today, Last 7 Days & Last 30 Days

…making it Eazy to understand and share your earnings.

Number of Trades Closed

will show how active the bot has been closing trades (even while you sleep)

Sessions Closed

will show how many sessions this bot has closed.

Closed sessions represent realized profit

(the trade is closed and all profit has been added to your USDT Balance in the exchange)

The New Session Summary Section will show:

along with tooltips for explanation:

Current Market Price:

Live coin price on the exchange

Moving Average Price

The value of all trades in this session

Moving Average %

the % drop from Initial Order to Moving Average Price

Market vs Moving

the % difference between Current Market Price & Moving Average

USDT Assigned

The total Funds in USDT assigned to this bot

USDT In Trade

The total funds this bot has used in open trades

USDT Available

USDT assigned less USDT In Trade

MCR Assigned

USDT assigned to Market Crash Recovery

(only displayed if MCR is enabled)